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VIDEO: Mobile the key for Guardian Venue Management

Why did you choose Guardhouse?

The issue that we had before Guardhouse was that we had – all of our compliance and rostering issues were on separate platforms, we were having issues with double upping of guards on the sites and keeping up with guard’s compliance really.


What benefits have you experienced by using Guardhouse?

 From Guardhouse, originally, we were just looking for a platform where we could use – find somebody that had app. A lot that we found, a lot of the products that were on the market at the time were sort of online based and didn’t have an actual phone app, which was probably the unique thing that separated Guardhouse from everyone else.

Through the app, it made it a lot easier for us to use it as a rostering system at first for guards to clock-in and clock-out onto sites. But then, it became more of a compliance system as well, which developed off the back of being able to load guards profiles up onto their phones and have their Guardhouse app available.

What was the feature or benefit that ultimately made you choose Guardhouse?

To be honest, I think for me, as a compliance manager, it’s the compliance side of it and how that's developing now. As I said, when we first started, it was more just for rostering, just a timesheet sort of platform. It has now developed into a compliance platform. It has now developed into a reporting platform. It keeps on evolving, which is, again, one thing why we wanted to go with Guardhouse.

You guys are pretty flexible and listen to what the industry actually is wanting and needing, making our job a lot easier, or our life a lot easier.Especially the – for me, all of the notifications with the licenses, how you can have it updated in each state. Of course, working across multiple states, multiple compliance, you can imagine the headaches trying to manually keep a track of that. Guardhouse has been a godsend in that.


What would you recommend about Guardhouse to someone sitting on the fence?

This is easy because we’ve recommended quite a few people to useGuardhouse that have been sitting on the fence between Guardhouse and a few other platforms. Again, I keep on coming back to the flexibility of the whole platform and the ability to use it as to multiple purposes and the app is a big feature. Being able to, like I said, get you rosters, accept shifts, reject shifts, the time that it takes for you to set a shift up.

We're finding our rostering is getting done a lot faster. It’s easier todo forecast rostering now. We can put months in ahead, weeks in ahead of our events that we know that are happening, especially with our full-time sites, rather than relying on paper. Then, of course, reduction in paper usage, has also been good environmentally sound and impact, that’s been good.


What was your main concern when looking at Guardhouse, and what put that to rest?

Look. I think with any new platform and with a company that's quite sizeable with the amount of employees that we have is the migration of data. I can tell you during that process I had my doubts about Guardhouse. But now that we've got on top of that and everything's in the program and we're using it as it’s supposed to be used, not just picking bits and pieces out of it that we want to use that we think is effective, I think that's been the positive from it. But certainly, during the initial period, that initial sort of three months, four months where we were transferring data into the actual system, that was pretty trying.


If you were to recommend Guardhouse to your best friend, what would you say?

Buy it. Simple. They're my best friend, that’s all they need to know, just buy it.

What surprised or satisfied you the most about Guardhouse?

I would say the accessibility to guys like yourself (Jack), Julian and Keith. You guys from the start to now have always been accessible whenever we've had issues that are generally solved reasonably quickly. Yeah I think that’s the actual best part of being with you guys, really.

Carlos Andrade - Guardian Venue Management

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