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Our 7 Step Pilot Process

Business Analysis Meeting


We’ll spend 1-2 hours with you to assess:

  • Existing processes, technologies and capabilities
  • Current pain points
  • Short and long-term business goals
  • Most valued features and benefits
  • Change impact and readiness

Pilot Plan


Within one day of the Business Analysis Meeting, we deliver:

  • Summary of your needs and objectives
  • 4-week pilot plan showing the steps and support we provide
  • Set-up and implementation requirements

Set up


We customise the free account set-up and build:

  • Pre created rosters
  • Data entry



We offer free, weekly training sessions throughout the pilot:

  • On site, online or a blended approach
  • Number of trainees depends on size of your business
  • Develop early adopters into internal champions
  • We cover travel expenses outside of Sydney for the first onsite visit

Target pilot


We support your business throughout the 4-week pilot:

  • Selection of customers for the pilot
  • Communication support for staff and customers
  • Agile process to suit your pace
  • Collection of feedback and observation data
  • Prompt adjustments based on data
  • Fast response to requests

Review and agree


We regroup to assess the pilot and agree on roll-out:

  • What went well
  • Any specific focus areas for successful roll-out
  • Pricing and contract negotiation
  • Timing for roll-out
  • Change management considerations

Roll out + implementation


We ensure Guardhouse is adopted by your whole business:

  • Free ongoing training and support
  • Same service level at every stage

Get the edge. Get Guardhouse.

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