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VIDEO: How Guardhouse has Streamlined Chief

What problems did you have before you bought Guardhouse? 

What problem didn’t we have? Confirming shifts, rostering guards not being allocated the proper shifts, missed shifts, time sheets not accounted for, hours missed, invoices just taking forever, waiting for time sheets from clients. Just a whole heap of things, basically. It’s really – from not using something like Guardhouse, it doesn’t make sense.


What benefits have you experienced as a result of Guardhouse? 

 It has allowed us to be a lot more efficient, basically, with rostering and allocating shifts to guards. It has made it so much more simple. I mean, when shifts are just basically – when you publish the shifts and they go out in one go, and then all of a sudden you see your live screen and then the shifts start going green or red if they’re on the shifts. You don’t have to chase up the guards or you don’t have to – you know when basically a shift has been filled.


Basically, it’s made it so much more efficient and it streamlined everything for us. It’s just basically a process. Rosters get published and you confirm guard’s clock-in, clock-out, reporting he’s done, basically. Then the accounts come in, times are already in there, invoices get generated simultaneously. You just made it such a smooth process really.


What feature made you choose Guardhouse?

Yes. Being able to publish shifts in basically clicking to the button. You just knew that it was not only going to three forms of communication: email, SMS, as well as the app. You could not have an employee not confirm their shift or say that they didn’t actually get that shift. It just made it so much more simple.


What concerns did you have about Guardhouse and how were they addressed? 

The unknown. Basically, I mean, we had a crash course and a demo of it. Basically, we just had to put it to the test, so with all the information because we were already training. We had to put it all: guard compliances and all the information, and the clients, and the rates. It was a bit processed, but obviously, Guardhouse did actually assist us with that, which made it easier. I mean, I was on the fence with that one because we already had all the stuff and it was working, but it wasn’t working as seamlessly as what Guardhouse made it. That’s what made it harder then, but it is the right decision. Yeah.


What made you choose Guardhouse over other services out there? 

To me, it was the best product to use for how long it works. For this industry, I don’t think there’s another product out there that does what Guardhouse does and makes it so easy and efficient for all my staff to learn. I mean, your staff member came in and within three days we knew how to use Guardhouse and there was no issue at all.


What aspect of Guardhouse are you happiest with? 

Transitioning from that many documents and products to one program basically that does everything for you. Our whole company is on Guardhouse. From company, guard compliance to contracts, to guard documents, you name it – the whole company is on Guardhouse.


Would you recommend Guardhouse to others?

In my opinion, Guardhouse has been a revelation for my company, and I think it would be for the security industry.


Anything else you want to add? 

No, [Laugh].

Danny Farah - Chief Group Services

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