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Guardhouse = 'life changing'

When we asked Lenore Browning, MD of AAA Security Management about the benefits Guardhouse has brought to her business, the words ‘life changing’ came up a lot! ‘

'I’m a sole-owner operator so I can’t afford to be time poor as life can end up being all work, with no social life.'

A self-confessed tech fan, she wanted a paperless office and a digital workplace. She started with generalist rostering system which helped with rostering, but soon started looking for a new option that offered even greater benefits to her whole operation. Taking the headache out of rostering and payroll was a big part of the appeal when Lenore decided to trial Guardhouse. ‘When I have a film running, I can have up to 100 people on it and now I can instantly see when they’ve clocked on and off, and I’m no longer chasing timesheets.’

Previously, guards were individually texting their hours each day which needed manual collation and cross-checking against what was agreed with the client. Now, Lenore instantly pulls the data entered on site by the guard and it goes to both payroll and invoicing, allowing her to break down the services for informative client reports. ‘I sometimes left my invoicing for six weeks because of the time it took to gather all the information together, now clients get an invoice in minutes.’, said Lenore. ‘I can break it down into security, Covid, barricading, crowd control or whatever we’ve done. They know who the guard is, and we can deal with any issues that may arise, on the spot.’

'I love technology - if it can make my life easier, I’ll go for it. Guardhouse is a one-stop shop for security companies and more cost effective than anything I was using before.'

Leanore Browning - AAA Security Management

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