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The Digital Transformation in Labour Hire Companies


September 29, 2022

The Digital Transformation in Labour Hire Companies

Technological advancements are seemingly never ending these days, and with how drastically mobile technology has been able to reshape our social lives, it’s no surprise that it’s reshaping the lives of our businesses as well. With this rise in technological use in the labouring world, there’s a stigma that the technology is stealing jobs from honest, hard-working people, but here I’ll outline for you how both labour hire companies, and their workers are seeing game-changing benefits from workforce management software like ours.

Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

Software like Guardhouse’s doesn’t replace anybody’s jobs or create redundancies, an overarching theme of these types of software is efficiency and reducing the pain points of day-to-day procedures. Minimising the time to complete monotonous tasks allows you deploy your workers in ways that are beneficial for your company and eases the toll that tedious, repetitive tasks can take on workers. For example, while things like rostering and payroll can now be automated, this allows your financial department to shift their focus more on long term, macro growth as opposed to being bogged down by time consuming micro tasks – keeping them in a job and working on far more rewarding goals with a very real pay-off at the end of the day.

Labourers see these benefits too, as there’s far more consistency in assigning jobs in line with their specific experience and preferences. Furthermore, workforce software even goes as far as helping with incident reporting, accreditation logging and in some cases asset tracking and job updates to improve quality of life in warehouses and maintaining the lines of communication between management and workers throughout the day.

Gather Data to Optimise Workflow

Data is always valuable, especially when it comes to learning from past mistakes, and with the turn of the digital age, we now have more data than ever before. While too much data has been overwhelming in the past, workforce management software has vastly improved at reporting data and logging it in a way that’s easily accessible and easily to interpret so that you can make strides towards developing stronger business practices.

Eradicating Messy Filing Systems

Moving past nightmarishly chaotic filing systems is a bonus for all involved. No more missing accreditations, no more sifting through mountains of archaic filing habits to find evidence of a specific license or compliance documentation. Moving your database to a digital platform is made easy with onboarding assistance to make the process as smooth as possible, while letting you enjoy all the convenience of a digital database in the long term.

Invoicing and Rostering Integration

You’ll never believe just how extraordinary rostering and payroll integration software is for labour hire companies. The whole process becomes so incredibly streamlined while accounting for last minute shift changes, complex pay structures, and accurately calculated overtime pay, keeping things accurate and fair for both employer and employee. Automated invoice generation and integration with accounting systems gives you a complete view of how things have been generated and why, so there’s never any hidden and unaccounted for calculations throughout these automated processes.

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