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Streamline & Secure your Cashflow with APositive + Guardhouse


May 28, 2024

Your security business is thriving, with a steady stream of projects and a team of skilled professionals delivering top-notch service to your clients. However, as you aim to further expand your operations,scaling up presents its own set of challenges. Securing additional talent and resources is essential for growth, but it often requires extra capital, which can strain your cash flow, particularly if much of your revenue is tied up in unpaid invoices.

Invoice financing emerges as a valuable solution tailored to the needs of security businesses experiencing rapid growth and requiring working capital to fuel their expansion. By unlocking the funds tied up in outstanding invoices, you gain the financial flexibility needed to invest in new initiatives, recruit more personnel, explore new markets and take on new opportunities. Here's how invoice finance can specifically support your security business in scaling up:

Overcoming Cash Constraints

Cash flow constraints can slow your business's growth trajectory. In an industry where revenue hinges on client payments,waiting for invoices to be settled can hinder your ability to onboard new staff and take on new opportunities, resulting in stagnant growth. Invoice finance addresses this challenge by providing immediate access to the capital necessary to sustain and expand your operations while awaiting client payments. By alleviating cash constraints, you can enhance profitability, expand your service offerings, and take on more lucrative projects.


Bypassing Traditional Financing Hurdles


Unlike traditional bank loans, which involve lengthy approval processes and often demand personal property as collateral,invoice financing offers a more accessible alternative for security businesses,particularly startups or fast growing businesses. By leveraging your outstanding invoices as collateral, you can swiftly secure funding that grows with you. This access to capital empowers you to address cash flow gaps and seize growth opportunities without the constraints of conventional financing avenues.


Tailored Funding Solutions


Every security business has unique financial requirements that evolve over time. Invoice financing offers customisable funding solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether you require a line of credit against your whole book, or you’re looking to finance against one customer after winning a major project. This flexibility allows you to allocate funds towards essential expenses such as payroll, equipment, or marketing initiatives, ensuring sustained growth and competitiveness in the market.

What is the APositive + Guardhouse Partnership?

Guardhouse and APostivie have worked closely together to create a product that is unique to the requirement of the security industry to ensure a low touch product and ease of use. APositive’s invoice finance solution now seamlessly integrates with Guardhouse’s workforce management software, providing you fast access to cashflow when you need it.

By combining market leading back office software and a specialist funder, you can start, scale and succeed today.  






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