Streamline the Subcontracting process with connected Guardhouse accounts

Labour Sharing

Shift Sharing

Easily push and pull shifts between you and your Subcontractors. Keep track of changes live to ensure everyone is in the know.

Shared Time & Attendance

Shared Time & Attendance means there is complete transparency on what is actually worked, with no need to chase up timesheets before payments.

Shared Compliance

Licence checks and other critical compliance is automatically shared, reducing the double handling of checks and record keeping.

Workflow Improvements

Change the game with Guardhouse Labour Partner Live Rosters.

Sharing Shifts

Create shifts and all relevant details are shared seamlessly with your subcontractor.


Full audit history of shift changes giving you the peace of mind in knowing that shifts are being taken care of.


Guardhouse's daily license checks and compliance reminders ensure you stay compliant. No need to manually request compliance details from your Labour Partner.

Payment & Invoicing

Shared time & attendance means a simple clock in process for the guard and complete transparency for all parties needing access to ensure error free payroll and invoicing.


If you are in need of any labour partners, here is a list of Guardhouse clients that are happy to provide you with a service. Your Guardhouse account can be connected with any of the below companies upon your request for shift sharing.

Oscar Security Group

Oscar Security Group is a privately owned and operated Australian security company underpinned by excellent service, personal attention, exceptional personnel and a flexible approach to customer's needs. We are a proud Company that strives to provide valued and innovative services that are cost effective and mutually beneficial to our clients and Oscar Security Group.

Baaz Security

A 100% Australian owned Security service provider managed from its head office in Perth Western Australia. We are a Security service company which knows the wants and needs in terms of privacy and security for companies, meetings, get togethers and so on. Our security services have been proved as one of the best in Australia, with all of our clients being more than happy with the work of our Security guards. We make sure that our Security guards for hire know the actual value of respecting and putting the clients' needs in front more than any other.


At Abco Security, we provide an Integrated Security Solution Model to our clients. With over 3000 staff across the nation, our business is one of the leaders in the Australian security and cleaning industries. With demonstrated and accredited safety and quality systems, we offer our clients the assurance of partnering with a reliable and professional service provider. Abco Security is CM3 pre-qualified and 100% Australian-owned company.

Citadel Security

Simple. We’re big enough to count, small enough to care. We are an Australian company based in Melbourne and have extensive experience working with major key players within the security industry. We believe in excellent customer service; therefore, we provide our staff with regular training and follow OHS with high priority. We provide real-time reporting that’s backed up with photographic evidence, plus GPS tracking of patrols to pinpoint accuracy. We use the industry-leading technology platform that provides our clients with end to end solution and superior outcomes.

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