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NSW Extension of Master Licence First Aid Training Condition


September 15, 2021

SLED has extended the implementation date for the new NSW Master Licence condition which requires all Class 1 security operatives hold current First Aid training.

Previously set to come in effect from 1 September 2021, it has now been moved to 1 March 2022.

This change has come as a result of the continued lockdown in Greater Sydney, with SLED not wanting to encourage licensees to be out and about mixing with people from other areas of Sydney and NSW.

Under NSW security legislation, SLED is required to revoke Class 1 licences if the licensee has not kept their training current, as such, it is vital that Class 1 licensees ensure that their first aid training is kept up to date and renewed appropriately.

How we can help

When ensuring that your employees have their licenses up to date, having a system that will do the work for you can be a massive time saver. Guardhouse stores the license details of each and every employee, including First Aid licences. By making First Aid licences a requirement for Class 1 security operatives, Guardhouse can ensure you remain compliant with the new security legislation in NSW.

For more information see the SLED website

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