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Introducing Guardhouse Onboarding


March 25, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce our latest innovation aimed at simplifying the employee onboarding process – Guardhouse Onboarding. This fully automated onboarding module has been designed to make onboarding instant, effortless, and fully compliant, capturing crucial details such as emergency contacts, banking information, and tax and super details in a matter of moments. This new, end-to-end digital onboarding feature is secure, paper-free and compliant with new superannuation laws. 

We’ve targeted three key areas of onboarding that have traditionally been pain points for employers trying to onboard new staff members.

Compliant by design

The new onboarding feature will prompt every employee to choose their superannuation fund at the same time that they nominate a bank account and provide their tax details. This is going to significantly reduce the burden of new manual compliance imposed on your business by the Your Future, Your Super reforms.


Make the correct contribution to the correct super fund

Paying superannuation for employees is mandatory, and contractors may also be classified as employees for this purpose. Starting from 1 July 2026, employers will be required to pay their employees' superannuation alongside their salary and wages. Our new feature makes it easy to ensure you’re making the correct payments to the correct fund, for every employee.


Avoid costly manual compliance

Employers who don’t utilise a digital onboarding tool risk having large numbers of employee defaults. To comply, employers must enquire with the ATO as to the stapled fund of every employee who doesn’t complete a choice form – incurring significant cost and regulatory risk. And with super set to be paid on payday from 2026, this burden will only grow. Incorporating our onboarding feature into your onboarding process ensures this process is set in place from day one, helping you avoid non-compliance fines.

To find out more about Guardhouse Onboarding, get in touch with the team to book a demo

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