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Guardhouse and Pin Payments: Streamlining the Invoicing Process


June 15, 2021

What is Guardhouse?

Guardhouse is an Australian owned, developed and supported end-to-end workforce management software company. Established in 2018,Guardhouse has grown to become a huge part of in the security industry withinAustralia. Covering rostering, invoicing, payroll and many other key functionalities, Guardhouse has quickly established itself as one of the market leaders in security workforce management. By partnering and integrating withPin Payments, Guardhouse is helping the security industry maximise their invoices.


Invoicing has never been easier

One of the biggest pain points for security companies is having to manually draw up invoices and bill them to clients; it’s slow, inefficient and prone to error. With Guardhouse, invoices are generated automatically based on data collected from the schedule, eliminating data entry duplication and human error.


Automation of your invoicing process

There’s only so much time in a workday, you can’t afford to spend it all on invoicing.

Guardhouse’s workforce management software will cut down the time you spend with an advanced charge-rate set-up, allowing you to handle multiple charge rates by time, site and guard type.


Taking payment in seconds

Guardhouse generated invoices are not only accurate and simple to create, they are easy to pay. Working alongside Pin Payments, generated invoices include a clickable link which will take you to the PinPayments gateway, allowing customers to make payment quickly and easily via credit card. This is a free service for Guardhouse clients. Not only this,Guardhouse generated invoices will seamlessly integrate with your preferred accounting system, such as MYOB or Xero.


Give it a go

If you’re interested in seeing how the Guardhouse invoicing package works, booking a demo is a great way to get an understanding of how the system can change the way you do business.

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