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4 Ways to Improve Security Guard Patrols


March 11, 2024

Security guard patrols are the first line of defence when it comes to safeguarding properties, residences, and public spaces. To keep your team at the top of their game, it’s essential to think strategically about your patrol procedures and be consistent about implementing new processes. Through our experience with clients and their patrol staff, there are four key strategies that offer the best results.

  1. Regular Training and Refreshers

Staying sharp and vigilant on shift requires continuous training and refreshers, with regular training sessions for guards. These sessions are a good opportunity to reinforce security protocols, enhance situational awareness, and update guards on emerging threats and techniques. It’s by investing in ongoing training like this that you can ensure your team are well-prepared for any security challenges that might arise during their patrols.

  1. Randomised Patrol Routes

Regular, predictable patrol patterns can be a hazard for your guards. By keeping patrol routes randomised, you can help mitigate some of this risk by keeping any potential intruders guessing. Randomised patrols make it far more difficult for unauthorised individuals to breach security perimeters without detection, which is better for your clients, and safer for your guards.

  1. Utilise Technology

Tools like surveillance cameras, motion sensors, GPS tracking devices, and workplace management systems provide valuable real-time data and insights to security teams. On top of this, mobile applications like the Guardhouse app allow guards to stay connected, receive alerts, and respond promptly to security incidents while on patrol. Utilising new technology as it’s released will continue to help your security guards to perform their duties more efficiently.

  1. Implement Checkpoints

Setting up checkpoints along patrol routes doesn’t just ensure thorough coverage of the patrolled areas, it also helps to keep your security personnel accountable. Checkpoints are strategic locations where guards can verify their presence and document any relevant observations. By implementing checkpoints, your clients have more visibility over your guards’ actions, and you’re able to track patrol progress and identify security vulnerabilities.

Consistently enhancing your security guard patrols with fresh skills and tools is essential for maintaining a robust security presence. By implementing some of these strategies, you’re not only helping your team, but also your clients, who will take notice of your dedication to evolving. To get started with improving your patrols, why not speak to our team about our workplace management system? You can get in touch here.

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