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Extension of Master Licence First Aid Training Condition Implementation Date to 1 March 2022


September 15, 2021

The implementation date for the new NSW Master licence condition requiring them to ensure all Class 1 security operatives they provide (except 1E Monitoring Centre Operators), hold current first aid training has been extended.

The condition, which was set to be effective from 1 September 2021, has been moved to 1 March 2022.

The change takes into account the continuing lockdown in Greater Sydney, which unfortunately coincided with the issuing of the letter on 30 June 2021. While first aid training is still widely available under the lockdown measures, SLED does not want to encourage licensees to be out and about and potentially mixing with people from other areas of Sydney and NSW at this time.

As always, it is up to Class 1 licensees to ensure their first aid training is kept up to date and renewed appropriately. Under NSW security legislation, SLED is required to revoke Class 1 licences if the licensee has not kept their training current.

Given this requirement, it’s in the interests of Master licensees to ensure Class 1 licence operatives they provide have current training. Not only will it help them to avoid any business continuity impacts caused by their employees losing their licences, but they'll enhance the safety of their workforce, their customers and members of the public.

For more information see the SLED website

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